Networking Services

Power cabling
Security systems
CCTV systems
Access control systems
Telephone Intercom System

Media Used

CAT 3 (Voice)
Fibre both single mode and multimode
Wireless (2.4 GHz indoor operations)
Coaxial (CCTV)


*Reliable : During failures any nearby outlet can be used irrespective of the application.
*Cost Effective Resource allocation : The user can use free outlets and reallocate used outlets according to expansion needs (New system).
*Adhered to stipulated Standards : The network lay out is easy to identify during maintenance and expansions due to the use of colour codes and labelling in work area, horizontal area and backbone area


Application Independent
Each information outlet can be used for both data and voice applications. This feature provides the customer with the following benefits.


* Interchangeable : The user can change the applications (voice to data or vice versa) running on each information outlet with minimum changes on distribution end.



     Layer two switching solutions.
     VLAN (Virtual LAN).
     Layer Three Switching.
     Wireless LAN.

Structured cabling systems
Backbone cabling : We use Fibre cabling for data backbones and CAT 3 Multi-pair for voice backbones.
:This covers both data and voice using CAT5E /CAT 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, but if the client needs only the data cabling, it can be done for only data.
Voice cabling systems : Use CAT3 cables if only for voice.
Power cabling systems : Both UPS and direct (raw) power cabling are undertaken by Lean Sigma
Wireless systems : Wireless solutions which can be installed with minimum disturbance at the client's site.
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Structured Cabling System